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Simon Cowell meets Zac Oliver whose life he helped to save

Simon Cowell met five-year-old Zac Oliver for the first time since donating £50,000 towards the youngster’s pioneering treatment for cancer.

Zac and his mum were invited to Thursday night’s semi-finals show, where they were able to say thank you properly to Simon.

Simon let Zac sit in his judge’s chair and encouraged him to hit the famous red buzzer.

Simon was one of the donors towards Zac’s fundraising campaign, which paid for his pioneering treatment for the rare child cancer Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in the US.

Zac’s mum, Hannah Oliver-Willets said Simon "was really playful and fun.”

Zac's treatment has proved a success, and in March he was able to tell the world he was cancer free.

Zac's mum said: “In the break one of the production team came and got us and we were able to go down and meet him and he was able to meet Zac.

“I kind of cried as I went up there and had to try and compose myself and got star-struck and didn’t know what to say.”

Hannah said they were still surprised at the donation, because all they had asked for was help with a video to promote awareness of childhood cancer, and her son’s appeal.

She said: “It was a little bit overwhelming when you think this guy had donated £50,000 and we had only ever asked him for a video.

“He had done the video and the only reason we knew he had donated was because at the end he said ‘by the way’.”

Hannah went on to say “And then really crazily we stayed in a hotel that night and coincidentally we were staying in the same place with another little girl and Simon had really quietly paid for her to have an operation in the US and we shared stories which was nice.


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