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Simon Cowell asks for our help to save little Zac Oliver

Simon Cowell donates to  Zac Oliver's appeal

Simon Cowell is backing Zac Oliver who needs funds to get him to America for medical treatment.. Simon posted a video in which he pledged to donate £50,000, while also urging all his fans to donate as well.

Zac was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and needs to travel to the US for treatment unavailable on the NHS.

His family need to raise £500,000 to get to Philadelphia for the CAR-T therapy. The cause has captured the hearts of the county and so far the people of Shropshire have helped to raise more than £350,000.

In the video Simon says:: "I want to talk to you about Zac and Zacfest. This boy is four years old and needs money to get him to America to get the help he needs. So I want you please to go on Zac Oliver's JustGiving page and whatever you can donate will make a difference. And because I don't like well-known people telling people to do something and don't do anything themselves, I'm going to donate £50,000. We're going to get there."

Hannah Oliver-Willets, Zac's mother, shared the video on social media, adding: "Thank you to Simon Cowell for doing such an amazing job at supporting our cause. I explained to Zac that Simon has helped to pay for his special medicine. Zac said 'thanks si' lol, little does he know exactly what this actually means and how much closer we really are to getting him to the US."

In a later post Hannah added that there was only £100,000 left to raise to reach Zac's £500,000 target.

Anyone who wants to support the fundraising campaign should visit

You can also donate using their mobile phone by texting ZACH75 £1 to 70070


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