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Simon Cowell announces X Factor will return to both UK and USA

Simon Cowell spoke about X Factor at the America's Got Talent finale saying the show will return, but it could be on a different channel. He also expects an American version to follow.

In a Mirror exclusive, Simon said “Everything is about timing. You have got to know sometimes when to call it a day and then also when to bring it back. I just felt it needed a break; it was nothing more than that."

“You can always make new music shows, which we are. And then when the time is right we will bring it back with ­someone else. That was always the plan. It was not anything dramatic.”

Simon is currently busy working on his new show Walk The Line which is due to be screened later this year.

Simon is also overseeing a Las Vegas residency for America's Got Talent stars at The Luxor hotel in November.

“We open America’s Got Talent in Vegas at the Luxor this year. And Vegas and Got Talent is where they want to end up. We had a fantastic conversation with MGM who own the Luxor. And we agreed to do it, so it happens this year. And extremely proud to be working with MGM and to have the Luxor Hotel as our home. I'm now so excited for our launch.”

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