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Simon Cowell to launch Las Vegas residency for AGT stars

Simon Cowell plans to launch a Las Vegas residency for America's Got Talent stars.

Simon has signed a new deal with the Luxor Hotel in Vegas which could earn him millions.

The deal will showcase stars from the show in a twice weekly slot at the prestigious hotel. It could possibly also feature winners from other Got Talent shows around the world, including Britain's Got Talent.

It will make its debut Nov 4 and perform two times per night, five nights a week, at the Luxor Hotel. 75 min show will "range from thrill acts and magicians to vocalists and acrobats".

Speaking to The Mirror newspaper. Simon said: “We open America’s Got Talent in Vegas at the Luxor this year. And Vegas and Got Talent is where they want to end up. We had a fantastic conversation with MGM who own the Luxor. And we agreed to do it, so it happens this year. And extremely proud to be working with MGM and to have the Luxor Hotel as our home. I'm now so excited for our launch..”

Simon and Lauren in Mayfair this week

The winner of America's Got Talent has always had a spot in Vegas in the same way the winner of Britain's Got Talent appears at the Royal Variety Show in London.

A source in Las Vegas said: “So it is no surprise that Simon is taking the next step..

The market there is growing and the show is the US’s top prime-time show.

“On top of that he can use his show to promote these stars. This could work out really well in the short and long term. And of course an added bonus is that Simon could introduce British acts from BGT there by having them in as special guests.

America's Got Talent continues in the USA tonight and on Netflix for the UK on Saturday.

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