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X Factor: The Band. Judges and schedule announced.

Simon Cowell having rested the original X Factor as we know it this year.and replaced it with a celebrity version which airs the final live this Saturday. The originally planned All Stars has been replaced by X Factor: The Band.

We now know there will only be two judges, Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger who

will battle it out to form the best group. Helping them out will be experts in the industry.

Simon will be looking for a boy band hoping to emulate the success of One Direction,. while Nicole will be looking to put together a girl group.

Watch the trailer - Boys vs Girls

First round Auditions are taking place now at Simon’s record label Syco in London The live shows and filmed auditions will take place in Birmingham.

An insider told The Sun newspaper "There won’t be any time for wasters.” Auditions are taking place at Simon's record label Syco in London and the bands will be comprised of solo stars merged into a group".

Hosted by Dermot, the series starts on December 9 and will feature four shows, including the final on December 15.

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Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

Fantastic! Simon for the boys, Nicole for the Girls, great choice. I know this is going to be an amazing show and the performers will be the best of the best. They will be bringing it! They will be bands who are working very hard to be successful1 This is a show no one will want to miss. Thank you for keeping us updated and informed! I greatly appreciate you, Just Simon Cowell! This is a serious business and there is never time to waste on nonsense. Only the serious performers with the dream of success! Looking forward to this. Thank you, Simon Cowell. Hugs to everyone!

Susan Vickers

2 years ago

Simon and Nicole will be great choosing a good band from X Factor The Band....I can also understand Simon not wanting time wasters as in the music industry it's serious busnice especially if a band wants to become worldwide...Good Luck to them all...And I know Simon will find what he's looking for...xx

Terry Phillips

2 years ago

Very cool, keep us posted for start date

Assumpta Cecília Fraletti

2 years ago

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