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Sun, Sea and Sand As The X Factor Final Six Head To The Judges Houses

They have faced the room, won over the arena, battled at bootcamp, and can now put their feet up on holiday, I mean judges houses.

After a brief summary of the remaining acts, Louis and the groups got the show on the road. Where are we off to Louis? Ireland... Not again. I only review the show for the free trip to the sun!! Ha ha, very funny. Bermuda here we come!

Just one word of warning everyone, be careful in the Bermuda triangle, I have heard it makes people dis...Moving on.

Louis was joined by guest judge Tulisa. Her 'James Bond' style entrance from the sea got the eyes popping. Team Midas were first up with our four piece group, Only The Young.

Not being biased but they look and sound great, good harmonies and you can tell they rehearse, rehearse and rehearse some more. I have championed this group since January as I feel there is something big here, very big.

The female Jedward, aka Blonde Electra were up next and yes they are energetic and memorable, yes they are not bad singers but they are still a little annoying and if they do get through they really need to win over the British public and quickly.

The Brooks sang one of my favourite ever songs 'Jar of Hearts'. Vocally they are great but I still think they need a few more years. Still think they are ones to watch, just not quite yet. Keep at it though lads.

New girl band and boy band Concept were up next fighting to stay in the competition. Both gave solid performances, with their good harmonies and clear hunger for the opportunity they have been given, but the new girl band stood out more to me. Win or lose tonight, I think with some work and more time together they could have a rosy future. I did agree with Louis regarding Concept, they have something, but are missing 'a spark'

The last group to perform were the new eight piece boy band, called well, the eight piece boy band. For now anyway. This has the potential to be very big, if they all continue to bond, because vocally they are brilliant and they look great. They just need a name now. Pick up those phones......

Now it's down to Louis and Tulisa to pick their three favourites....After loads of tears, (Louis) and flashing back and forth camera shots, the three groups going to the lives are: Only The Young, Eight piece boy band and Blonde Electra. Well done everyone.

So where am I off to next...?

In her first year as X Factor judge, Mel B will want to do well. So the remaining boys head to Mexico with a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Her fellow Spice girl Emma Bunton joined her, well once she had shook of the witch doctor chaperones.

Jack Walton was first up and within seconds of starting to sing, Mel B stopped him, telling him to focus. When he continued it was still a little shaky but I like Jack, I know he can do much better than his performance tonight.

The last audition tonight was Italian Andrea Faustini. Wow, wow, wow. That was amazing, world class singing from a big star of the future. He seems a real genuine person too, ladies and gentlemen, we could have just seen our first December finalist.

The boys audtions continue Saturday ITV 8pm

Right, I'm to put some more suntan cream on...see you soon.

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR


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