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Simon Cowell Would Support His Son Eric Leaving School At 16

Simon Cowell has revealed he would actively encourage son Eric to follow in his footsteps by leaving school at the age of 16.

Simon carved out a hugely successful media career after turning his back on academic pursuits as a teenager.

And he insists that if two-year-old Eric - his only son with partner Lauren Silverman - isn't happy with school then he would urge him to leave and find employment.

'I'd say to Eric, "Leave at 16 if you want to work" - 100 per cent I would encourage him,' he told BBC Radio 2. ' I don't understand why you want to torture someone to be somewhere where they don't want to be.'

Instead of working his way through higher education, including university, Simon said that he would encourage Eric to work for him.

Speaking about his own school experience, he added: 'I wasn't particularly academic, I found the whole process tedious, monotonous, too many rules, and I made up my mind then, when I'm 16, I'm out.'

It's a Yes From Me — The Simon Cowell Story is on Radio 2 tonight at 10pm.


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