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Simon Cowell Was Once An Estate Agent

Simon Cowell speaking in the second part of his radio interview with talent manager Professor Jonathan Shalit, reveals he was once an estate agent.

Talking on life before he joined the music industry, Simon said: “After I left the music industry I was an estate agent for eight months. And I can honestly say it was the most miserable eight months of my life.

“I worked for this really snotty company in Mayfair who hated me and I hated them, and I was so upset that my mum actually said to me ‘I’ve never seen you so depressed.’

“And luckily I was offered a job back at the music publishing company. I’m glad I tried it because it was horrible.”

Simon later worked at EMI with music publisher Ellis Rich, who recounted a tale on the show of when he almost got him arrested by exposing him naked in the street.

Ellis said: “We decided it would be funny to take out a newspaper ad of a picture of Simon and I apparently naked.

“So Simon says ‘there’s a photo booth in Bond Street station, let’s go there.’ Now it is half past four, Thursday night, Bond Street station, very very busy.

“So we get to the booth, I go in, shut the curtain, strip off down to the waist, and at that moment Simon flings open the curtain and says ‘oh my god there’s a naked man in the photo booth!’”

“I’m amazed I didn’t get arrested. Let’s just say he was difficult to manage.”

It’s A Yes From Me Part 2 airs tonight on BBC Radio 2 at 10pm.


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