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Simon Cowell Wanted To Join The Australian X Factor.

Simon Cowell reveals he wanted to join the Australian X Factor, instead he brought part of the show to the UK so he could be part of it.

“There’s a kind of a bit of a swagger coming from Australia right now and I like that,” Simon tells the Australian Telegraph, sitting down on set in London.

“What I’ve seen over the years is just how much better the contestants have got in terms of being able to compete with the world. There’s no longer a sort of chip on anyone’s shoulder going we are a smaller country population-wise than England or America, so we can’t do well.”

Simon was unable to fly to Australia to be part of the show, so he brought the final 20 contestants over here, he is a special guest in this year’s super home visits that were recently shot in a London warehouse.

Simon will appear alongside judges Guy Sebastian, Dannii Minogue, James Blunt and Chris Isaak when The X Factor Australia’s seventh series premieres next month.

Instead of filming across four different international locations, home visits are all in the UK with Simon and a couple of other guests yet to be announced.

“You’ve got to do well enough on the show to attract the writers who are going to write the song, it is a chain reaction,” he says. “It will happen, hopefully it will be this year. I have seen a contestant, I’m not going to say who they are, but I’ve just got a really, really good feeling about them.”

Simon admitted he liked the Australian version of the show "I like the Australian show, it is really well produced and it is fun,” Simon says, sitting back in his sofa. “I couldn’t make it (to Australia), so I joked ‘why don’t they bring everyone over here’ and they went ‘OK, fine’.“I actually would have preferred to go over there but I couldn’t.”

Knowing where you fit? Is that the secret to winning The X Factor? “I don’t know that there is any secret to it,” he explains. “When I worked with Leona Lewis or Olly Murs or One Direction, they did actually know who they wanted to be outside of the show, so it was really easy.”

Has Simon any plans to visit Australia in the future? “I will 100 per cent. I was planning on coming over this year — I love making shows over there, so I’ve got to do it."


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