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Simon Cowell to launch a 'boyband' to rival One Direction

Simon Cowell

We did wonder if it was April Fools day or Simon had a few too many over Christmas when her heard that Simon Cowell and Syco are launching a new boyband with a huge difference.

Reportedly Simon and Syco Entertainment have been working for several years with Animal Logic.Entertainment, an animal special effects company famous for the award winning Peter Rabbit and Happy Feet movies.

The idea is to produce a band consisting of four monkeys to replicate four famous faces from successful boybands using computer generated effects.

We understand that at the moment the following famous faces are in the running for the four part group.

Lead singer Hart is a chimp based on 1D’s Harry Styles.

His rival is an orangutan guitarist with a personality like Michael Nesmith, 75 from the Monkees.

There’s a broody spider monkey bass player called Keith, with similarities to Mark Owen from Take That.

The fourth member is drummer Wilfred, based on Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

A Hollywood source told The Sun newspaper: “Simon loves animals. His favourite movie is The Jungle Book so he wants it to have a flavour of that.

“But he’s also very motivated by the huge financial success of Disney which shows just how successful musical film franchises can be.

“Movies are one of the best way to sell albums, which is still a huge priority for Simon.”

'This is the most bizarre entertainment project of the decade. But Simon wants to create the next big thing in music and he thinks a band of monkeys based on mega boybands like 1D could be the answer."

“Syco don’t view this as something light-hearted like Alvin & The Chipmunks, but potentially an exciting way to launch a new music phenomenon.

“But if the fans hate the idea of monkeys singing pop songs, it could equally be a commercial disaster.

“Cowell’s entire career has been based on taking big risks and this is another example of that.”

Britain's Got Talent judge David Walliams is said to be on board to write a film script to launch the four-piece group.

Simon is expected to have a cameo in the movie alongside pop A-listers.

We will watch the progression of this with interest and keep you updated.


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