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Simon Cowell To Appear on The Late Late Show Hosted By James Corden.

The Hollywood Reporter talks to Ben Winston who worked with Simon Cowell on the One Direction movie and The X Factor.

Later this month Ben will be working with James Corden on The Late Late Show in America.

Ben reveals Simon has agreed to appear on the show when he returns to Los Angeles in April

You've worked closely with Simon Cowell on X Factor. Has he given you any advice about tackling U.S. TV?

Every week my phone rings at 7 in the evening, which is four in the morning in London: "How's it going?" He just calls to say, "What’s the set looking like? How you feeling? How you doing on guests?" It's a 10-minute check-in, and it's very kind of him. He's agreed to come on when he comes back to L.A. in April. He's given me lots of advice, but mostly it's, "Really take it all in."

How do Cowell and Corden compare as bosses?

They’re incredibly different. I’ve watched dress rehearsals with Simon on X Factor in London and he’d ask for lights to be changed from yellow to gold. His attention to detail on how things are shot and vision mixed and lit is phenomenal. And to produce for him is a crazy experience because he works from noon until, like, 7 a.m., whereas James works more normal hours and doesn’t have the same eccentricities. But they’re both onscreen talent with brilliant producing brains and you can spar with both of them. They’re not talent that you ever need to placate and go oh, "You were amazing."

The full interview with Ben in The Hollywood Reporter


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