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Simon Cowell Tells Of "Constant Fear" Over Eric's Safety

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell has spoken out about the fear he now lives with over his son Eric's safety

The burglar who broke into Simon's London home was found guilty this week and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Simon and Lauren were asleep in the house as was Eric and the nanny when Darren February broke in through a patio door and stole almost £1 million worth of jewellery.

Simon didn't attend the hearing but a statement from him was read out to the court.

He said: "This incident has caused me great concerns about the security of my family.

"On reflection I am very scared of what could have happened to my son if the burglar had gone into his room.

Simon Cowell with his son Eric

Simon Cowell with his son Eric

"I could not bear to think of the consequences and also a lot would have happened if the burglar had come into our room.

"The whole incident has been very traumatic and there is a constant fear that it may be repeated and that it may be worse next time."

Simon, said he, his partner and Eric's nannies "have become much more anxious over safety issues relating to my son's care and well-being".

Judge Edmunds told February in court before sentencing him: “You spent a period of 17 minutes within the house before emerging from the front door to make off, by now with a bag, Mr Cowell’s bag in hand.

“Whilst within the house, and having left muddy footprints over the ground floor in your search, you went up to the first floor where Mr Cowell and Ms Silverman lay sleeping in their bedroom and entered the dressing room next door and took two of Mr Cowell’s passports and watches and jewellery to the value of approximately £950,000.

Simon Cowell's London Home

"However much you wished to avoid detection the very act of entering a person's home at night creates the risk of confrontation and violence.

“This occurred whilst Mr Cowell’s son and his nanny were sleeping on the floor above and despite the presence of a security guard in the basement.

As we previously reported: The court was told The court was told Darren February was spotted leaving by a private security guard who was patrolling the area overnight.



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