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Simon Cowell opens up about the stress he had in his live

In a new interview Simon reveals he battled with stress when working on shows both sides of the Atlantic in 2012. The pressure of working in The X Factor USA and Britain's Got Talent left him unhappy and struggling to get out of bed. 

On a personal level he is happier than ever – with partner Lauren Silver­­man,  and their three-year-old son Eric.

Simon says: “I got to a point when you get so tired, you wake up tired and I just thought ‘this isn’t fun any more’.

“I think the worst thing is stress. That’s what makes you ill.

“I try now not to give myself too much stress. The good thing is once you rebalance yourself, you realise how much you still love your job – it’s the best job in the world.”

Slowly but surely Simon turned his life around. He now switches off his phone to relax.

“If people urgently need to get hold of me they can but it’s been a revelation,” he says on the eve of the final.

Talking to The Mirror he says while he is still driven and fiercely ambitious, gone are the discussions in the early hours with producers over the quality of an X Factor edit.

Talking about his fall down the stairs at his home “The good thing when that happens and you come out in one piece, you realise there are people in worse positions than you,” he admits. 

“I was very lucky. I got to the hospital quickly and the NHS were amazing. I had an MOT but I am fine now.”

Simon, who was said to be suffering from low blood pressure, was fetching a glass of milk when he fell at his £10million mansion in West London.

He initially thought he had been paralysed. “I literally knocked myself out and my publicist was the first person I saw. I thought ‘if this is my idea of heaven, this isn’t great’.

“We were both thinking the same thing ‘have I broken my neck?’.”

Simon is now concentrating on getting his group  Rak Su into the final on Sunday.


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