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Simon Cowell Speaks About Making It In Business At The GIC Conference

Simon Cowell was a guest speaker at the Global Investment Conference at Lancaster House in London Today.

Other guests included the Prime Minister David Cameron and George Osbourne.

Talking to Gaby Roslin Simon Cowell highlighted what he feels is needed in starting a global brand.

Some quotes from Simon from the conference:

'Robson & Jerome helped show link that could exist between TV & music sales'.

'We wrote the pitch for Pop Idol and arrogantly gave the BBC and ITV 24 hours to make us an offer'

'Syco started with 4 people. If you have one idea and it’s a good one, that’s all you need.'

'All you need is one good idea for 15 seconds - And be prepared to work 18 hours a day!'.

'We offer young people a long term training plan. Most people have been with me 15-20 years now.'

'You never have a bad meeting in LA - or thats what they let you think' Simon spoke about how he loves returning to the normality of the UK.

'Being a British brand helps in business now'

'The truth is, if you're not interested in the product you're creating, it won't work.'

'Three quarters of the biggest TV show formats in the world are British'

'If you have one idea in your life, and it's a good one... that's all you need'

'We haven't scratched the surface yet in terms of new content coming through new platforms.'

'It’s a healthy market now with buyers like Amazon & Netflix' - on TV & film productions


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