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Simon Cowell sits down with Steven Bartlett for his best interview yet

Simon Cowell with Steven Bartlett - The Diary of a CEO

Simon Cowell sits down with Steven Bartlett for the interview and podcast series 'The Diary of a CEO.

This incredible in-depth interview spans all parts of Simon's life, from starting out though to the present time.

Steven covers Simon's start in the music industry, his first hit record with Sinitta, through his entry into television and the phenomenal success of One Direction.

On the subject of One Direction, Simon speaks of his biggest regret and whether he feels the band will reform.

Simon Cowell - The Diary of a CEO

Something my dad said to me which stuck in my mind is to make every person on your team feel important.

.Simon also talks about his personal life from the devastation of losing his parents and how his son Eric's arrival changed his life.

Watch the full interview on YouTube

Or you can listen to the podcast


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