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Simon Cowell Set To Bring Back Louis Walsh For The X Factor Live Shows!

Louis Walsh is to return to X Factor as a fifth judge for the live shows together with Strictly Come Dancing-style score system for the judges in another massive shake-up of the show’s format.

Last night a senior X Factor insider revealed exclusively to The Sun Newspaper “This is a complete bolt from the blue that no one expected, but Louis is an X Factor legend and Simon wants him back for the live shows. They’re great friends.

“He will be a neutral fifth judge who will sit in a special place away from the other judges to provide his own unbiased comments on the contestants.

“It’s a massive coup for Louis who is also going to sign a deal with Simon to help launch Ireland’s Got Talent as a judge."

“We know Nick will come into his own on the live shows because of his experience as a DJ, but we think Louis will be a great addition.”

The show has taken a dive in the ratings this year, alough this could be partly due to viewers chosing to watch on demand.

The source added: “We’re looking at the judges scoring each contestant for their singing ability and their X-factor. It will make the live shows much more exciting.”

The newspaper also reveals Louis Tomlinson is already being lined up as an option to join the judging panel.

Louis was reportedly first choice for this year but it wasn't possible due to the One Direction tour.

Do you agree with Louis coming back, or is Nick Grimshaw doing a good job? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


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