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Simon Cowell Says He Would Have Lied To The Overs If He Had Known They Were Watching.

Simon Cowell has joked he would have "lied" if he'd realised the X Factor Overs were watching this year's categories being revealed to the judges.

Simon has apologised after being caught on camera swearing when he was told he will mentor the Over 25s - but he didn't realise he was being watched.

Speaking to Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain in an interview to be shown in full on 22nd October, he laughed: "I didn't know they were watching at the time, I wasn't aware!

"I watched it back and I thought, yeah I should've realised they'd be watching at the time - because I would have lied to them."

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However, Simon revealed his group of hopefuls were "absolutely cool" when he went to clear the air afterwards.

Contestants’ looked on in shock as he then goes on ask show hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack: “Are you winding me up? Are you sure you have got the right name in there?”

He is then heard to say: “Thanks a lot” before appearing to walk off the stage.

Simon did however later apologise from his Twitter account “Sorry for swearing on the show tonight. it is not big and it is not clever.”

Simon and Susanna's full chat can be seen on GMB on 22 October - we can't wait!


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