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Simon Cowell reveals his biggest fear for his son Eric

Simon Cowell talks about his life with Eric and reveals his biggest fear is that Eric might one day get bullied.

When he thinks back to his childhood he said ‘I’d do things like wash cars for people, but I can’t really send Eric out asking if people would like their cars washed.’

He’s baffled when Eric seems to be doing things differently to the way he did them. 

‘He likes school, which is surprising because I never did,’ Simon admits. ‘He says he likes learning.’

And he openly admits he would love his son to one day take over his media empire. He is ‘training him up’, he says, half-jokingly.

Simon is now pleased he didn't end up calling him Simon jnr even though he wanted to.

‘And him being bullied is what I dread most. There are two things that worry me about him growing up. 

'One is stress. Children are under so much stress – with homework, pressure. I really don’t want that for him. 

'The second thing is bullying. It terrifies me. If there’s even a whiff of it... I don’t think I could handle it.’

When asked if he would buy Eric a Ferrari for his 17th Birthday, he told The Mail Absolutely not, no way, there’s zero chance of that kind of nonsense,’

‘He might get a Tesla, but I certainly don’t want him to become one of those kids you see on Instagram who have everything and are already jaded by it all. 

'I don’t want Eric to be that person. I’ll tell him, “You can enjoy it when you’ve earned it.”’


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