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Simon Cowell once gave Louis Tomlinson a dressing down

Simon Cowell with Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson has confessed that he once received a scolding from Simon Cowell, after getting drunk before heading on stage with One Direction for one of their first gigs.

Louis was flown out to Los Angeles - only to then receive a 'dressing down' for his alcohol-fuelled antics and be told Simon was left 'disappointed' with him.

Talking to Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson, Louis said: “I thought well I'll just have a couple of beers and I ended up being really, really drunk on this show - one of the first things [One Direction] did.”

Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

Louis who was then 18 years-old said:: “I woke up to a text to find out that I was going to LA the next morning - flown out. "I was sat on the plane thinking, ‘What is coming next?’ I landed at Simon's and he gave me a little dressing down.”

He added, “It was positive. But it certainly felt like the scary Simon you see on TV!”

Louis revealed that he was given the VIP treatment during his telling off visit, as Simon had flown him out to Los Angeles via business class and booked him into the Four Seasons during his stay.

Revealing what Simon was like while reprimanding him, Louis said: 'It was that disappointed vibe... very calm.'

Louis credits his dressing down as the reason why he and Simon are now so close. 'If I hand't have had that chat with Simon, then I don't think we'd be as close as we are now,'

Louis insisted. 'I do really feel like he's got my back - I think it was vital for me as an individual and also our relationship.'


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