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Simon Cowell Offers Dermot O'Leary Big Money To Return To The X Factor

Simon Cowell wants Dermot O'Leary back to host the X Factor.

According to a report in the Sun today, Dermot has agreed to return to the show just a year after leaving — with the full backing of Simon Cowell.

Details are being thrashed out but insiders say Dermot, previously paid £1million a series, can “name his price” on a potential three-year contract.

An insider said: “Dermot will come back to The X Factor. Talks are under way on his deal but everything is positive.

“Everyone, including Dermot and Simon, has the will to make it work.”

One source told how Dermot is now in a much more powerful position than before he left. And the insider added he could front the show for the rest of its life-span.

The insider said: “Producers have realised you can’t take any risks with the presenter of the show.

“You need someone really good who can cope with live TV.

“It is a massive skill and there are not many people who have it.

Hopefully Dermot has been forgiven for saying the show should be rested for a year and the six chair challenge droppped.

An X Factor spokesman said last night: “Discussions are ongoing about the new series.

“Details will be announced in due course.”


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