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Simon Cowell & Mark Williams-Thomas Make A Crime Solving TV Series: A British Crime Story.

Simon Cowell has stepped away from his talent shows to make a new crime investigation series with award-winning former detective Mark Williams-Thomas. The Investigator: A British Crime Story.

Shiver and Syco will co-produce the series, teaming up with Mark Williams-Thomas, whose documentary revealed the truth about Jimmy Savile.

The four-part ITV series, The Investigator: A British Crime Story which airs in four parts starting Thursday 14th July at 9pm.

The program will re-examine the killing of Carole Packman, who disappeared in 1985. Her body has never been found though her husband Russell got life in 2004 for her murder.

A source close to Simon said “He was introduced to Mark last year and they hit it off. They talked and worked on some ideas. This is the first to make it to the screen and could be the first of many. Simon is excited.”

In a UK television first, The Investigator: A British Crime Story, will follow the case over four explosive episodes, combining stylized drama with compelling documentary.

Williams-Thomas, the award-winning former police detective who unmasked Jimmy Savile as the UK’s most notorious paedophile, will re-examine a previously ‘closed’ and chilling murder case, which has baffled detectives for more than 30 years.

The murder of Carole Packman, whose body has never been found, continues to affect the lives of many of those involved and as Williams-Thomas discovers, the shocking tale of murder, fraud, deceit and lies has left family members desperate for answers.

In June 1985 the wife and mother mysteriously disappeared and has never been seen since. Her husband Russell Causley is now serving a life sentence for her murder, yet no body has ever been found. Throughout the case he pleaded his innocence and refused to talk.

During his investigation, Mark sets out to piece together evidence in a bid to find the truth. He says: “Even though this case is 30 years on – I’m still convinced there’s an awful lot more to find out. And I have no doubt there are people out there who hold vital clues. They hold the missing pieces to the puzzle.”

Don't miss it - Thursday 14th July at 9pm


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