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Simon Cowell looks at purchasing a luxury villa in Barbados

Simon Cowell is looking at purchasing a villa in Barbados. The 10-bedroom luxury residence is a beachfront property with stunning sea views.

Barbados has been a firm favourite of Simon's for his Christmas vacation, usually he stays in a villa within the Sandy Lane hotel complex.

The villa is expected to sell for around £30 million. Simon sold his LA mansion last month and now lives in Malibu.

Described by an estate agent as "the most luxurious beachfront villa in the Caribbean", it boasts a cinema, gym and a spa as well as a large swimming, hot tub, fitness centre, beautiful gardens and private beach access.

A luxurious living area with sea views

We have seen this villa before when Simon used it as his judges house on X Factor.

A dining area overlooking the pool

Waking up to a wonderful view

Pool and hot tub

We could settle in here very nicely, what about you?

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a year ago

Can I have your old furniture please

Cheryl Whitehead c.f. 39 8 8bj Wales

a year ago

It looks like cliff Richards what a fabulous place all the best to you all

Brenda Campbell

a year ago

Wow! what a dream house I can only dream about. It’s beautiful ❤️Love it wished I had just a brick home flat level 3 bedroom 2 baths I would be in hog heaven I love ❤️ your home your buying. I can only imagine the cost of this very large and beautiful mansion it’s not a house. Your family are lucky 🍀 you provide big for them. Hope your recovering from your accident wishing you a speedy recovery. 🙏❤️🙏

Linda Dunford

a year ago

I would love to come and visit you as I would only want one bedroom 😘😘

Marjorie Deighton

a year ago

Very nice ,wish I could afford a place like that.Do you need a cleaner lol

Michael mac

a year ago

I give you 35 mill

a year ago

Amazing x

a year ago

If only x I wish

a year ago

a year ago


a year ago

Could I be a cousin and have it for a few weeks?