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Simon Cowell's plans for renovating his new London home

Simon Cowell has been granted planning permission to add some amazing features to his South West London home.

Simon and Lauren Silverman bought the £15m six bedroom house in 2018 with a view to it being in a nice neighbourhood and close to a good school for Eric.

Simon is planning to build a 15 metre outdoor swimming pool with its own pool house. Update security cameras and extend the existing sunroom adding a “glazed conservation lantern" roof so that it "will allow Simon to enjoy sunshine throughout the year in a private position."

The Sun reports Simon also plans to build a timber pergola to room plants and adjust the interior with “comfort cooling and UFH’ throughout the house.

According to the council application for planning permission, he will also upgrade the doors and windows in some rooms so that it "creates consistency in appearance and a common architectural language throughout that is more sympathetic to the existing house", which has been modified over the years.

For security, three new vehicle gates, which include “new retractable bollards repositioned to the centre of the gates.” will be installed.

Simon and Lauren's Malibu home

As Simon is not planning to return to our screen this year due to the postponement of Britain's Got Talent and with no return of X Factor, he should have plenty of time to oversea the renovations.




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