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Simon Cowell joins The Wiggles in an hilarious Uber Eats advertisement

Simon Cowell appears as the 'Grey Wiggle' in an Australian children's show promoting Uber Eats.

Appearing alongside him are Blue Wiggle Anthony Field, Purple Wiggle Lachlan.Gillespie, Red Wiggle Simon Pryce, and Yellow Wiggle.

Simon admitted he thought it was a joke when he was first offered the gig.

'I thought I was being wound up when they said (the campaign) was me and The Wiggles because I know who they are, obviously,'

'It's a crazy combination of me and them and it worked out great.'

He added: 'I'll get to know them more now because I've got a son who's seven years old. I really respect what The Wiggles have achieved.'

Inside Wiggle House, all 5 wiggles (including Grey Wiggle, Simon Cowell) are deciding what to have for dinner?

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Susan Vickers

a year ago

Simon is so cool 😎 and fits in well at the Wiggle house... I love it!! And it's no joke now Simon you are Mr Grey Wriggle lol haha 😂😂 Love it and love you Simon! 😘xx


a year ago

He's acted out that role his entire life - great job Grey one xxx

Author Sylvia Somerville

a year ago

So cute. Simon fits right it and the attitude is so funny. If they were serving beans on toast, perhaps Simon would have ordered as well. lol

Evelyn Samuel

a year ago

Awe I think it’s awesome. Only Simon can add a spark to anything. Great work. I love it. Super cool.👍👍♥️

Linda A Trask Scher

a year ago


Ekaterina Netchitailova

a year ago

Super cool! You are great in this ad, Simon! But then, your appearance magically transforms any environment!