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Simon Cowell Intends To Get Ruthless With Talentless Wannabes

Simon Cowell and the X Factor judges at Thorpe Park

In yet another shake up to this years X Factor. Simon Cowell wants to cut talentless wannabes during their audition performance.

Wannabes will now face the daunting prospect of impressing Simon and his fellow judges against the clock after a large digital timer was placed in the audition rooms.

An X Factor insider told The Sun newspaper: “Simon has been in millions of these auditions and basically just wants to speed them up.

“Artists don’t know they’re being timed, so viewers should expect some brutal cutting from Simon.

“He’s sick and tired of hearing contestants spiel as well as long, droning, performances eating up time.

“So being able to keep track of how long they’re taking means he can speed them up once they’ve gone on for extra minutes.”

Simon is also hoping the timed auditions will cut out waffling from his panel of judges, which includes Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh,, who’ll also be monitored to ensure their feedback doesn’t take too long.

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