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Simon Cowell has radically overhauled his diet and lost half a stone

After speaking to a nutritionist about feeling run down Simon was advised to alter his diet and cut out dairy, gluten and sugar, as well as his beloved sausage rolls. A diet which he has found to be a challenge.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Simon was feeling a bit run down, so someone suggested he see a specialist about food tolerances. The specialist revealed he is allergic to a few everyday things which had been making him tired. As a result, he has cut out lots from his diet and the impact has been almost immediate. He has loads of energy.”

Simon has been trying to improve his health after being rushed to hospital in a neck brace as a result of fall in 2017. He insisted he wanted to spend more time with his son, Eric and needed to make changes in his life.

Simon Cowell and his son Eric jet-skiing in Barbados last year.
Simon Cowell and his son Eric jet-skiing in Barbados last year.

This new change also came after his effort last year to reduce his cigarettes from 80 a day. Telling the The Mirror that he “had a "wake-up call" last October when he slipped and fell down a whole flight of stairs at his London home - and later confessed he was finding it hard to clean up his act.”


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