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Simon Cowell gives his Golden Buzzer to the inspirational singer Nightbirde

Simon Cowell hits his Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent for the amazing and inspirational singer Nightbirde who revealed she had cancer and only a small chance of survival.

Nightbirde sang a song about her journey over the last year with cancer which she wrote and named 'It's Okay'. She revealed she still had the disease in her lungs, spine and liver..

Simon was visibly overcome by her performance and couldn't speak at first as Nightbirde told him 'You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy.'.

Simon told the singer he wasn't going to give her a yes, but that he was going to give her something else as he hit the Golden Buzzer.

Watch Nightbirds stunning performance

We wish Nightbirde every success in beating this dreadful disease.

The UK can watch the new episodes of America's Got Talent every Saturday on Netflix.

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5 months ago

Nightbirde’s voice is so sweet and captivating, but more so is her spirit, her strength to fight and natural personality that makes her such a beautiful, remarkable young woman. You are truly inspirational. Love you and God bless you with a total recovery. Thank you too, Simon cowel for being such a sweetheart.

Sahar El Damati

7 months ago

She is outstanding ,strong very high level of perseverance and on the top fantastic voice . I was highly impressed by the conversation between Simon and her as well as his proper decision to press the golden buzzer

Veronica Cozza

7 months ago

Live live your life every day as though it’s your last....


7 months ago

Beautiful xx

Nteseng,South Africa

7 months ago

This has been the most affectionate performance ever, like you said Simon. Thank you for giving hope to the many destitute. Nteseng from South Africa


7 months ago

I love so much Simon


7 months ago


Chot Isa

7 months ago

Simon you are always the best.
Nightbird you too


7 months ago

OMG I’m in bits. Bless Nightbird so 💔


7 months ago

Amazing voice
Attractive appearance
I have a Dream about her
God is omnipotent
Two Percent Expectations to Survive will turns to One Hundred Percent now, with the power of the God!
My Dream Will Come True
I will pray for her day and night.
may my God bless you!


7 months ago

You're one of the best performer ever.... You touch my heart.. ❤️