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Simon Cowell gives an hilarious interview to Alison Hammond

Simon Cowell met Alison Hammond Interview

Simon Cowell gives an hilarious interview to ITV This Morning's Alison Hammond.

Simon tells Alison about the last time his was in Watford he held up a bus with a toy gun. "It was a joke, I thought. I put a gun – I shouldn’t even be saying this – it was a pretend gun , and we said to the bus driver, 'Take us to Watford!' He literally did not stop from Radcliffe to Watford.

"I was there with Rak-Su the other day and I told them the story, 'The last time I went to bloody Watford, I was thrown in jail'."

Alison also reminds Simon with some old footage of an appearance on This Morning back in 1999.

Simon Cowell in 1999

Watch the interview

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