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Simon Cowell Gives A Heartfelt Speech For Haim Saban's Walk Of Fame Star

Simon Cowell speech on Haim Saban's Hollywood Hall of Fame star

Simon Cowell gives a heartfelt speech for Haim Saban's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony..

Saban is the creator and producer of the Power Rangers franchise, which premiered in America in 1993 under the title Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Simon Cowell Walk of Fame

VIDEO: Simon's speech starts at 20 mins

Haim Saban created the Power Rangers which Simon Cowell produced the title music for.

Simon Cowell - Power Rangers

Simon was joined by his partner Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Simon looked happy to be at the ceremony today

Simon Cowell and Haim Saban at Hollywood Walk of Fame

Simon Cowell honours Haim Saban on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


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