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Simon Cowell gatecrashed by his son Eric during an interview

Simon Cowell with his son Eric on Loose Women
Simon Cowell with his son Eric

Simon Cowell's four-year-old son Eric gatecrashed the interview, launching himself onto the sofa.

Not one to shy away from the camera, Eric playfully jumped in on the interview, leaving Ayda to ask him some questions of his own.

After his explosive entrance, Eric proceeded to squeeze his father’s fingers with a clothes peg.

Through Simon’s yelps of pain, Ayda asked Eric a pressing question.

“Who do you think is the best judge on Daddy’s show?”

Eric loyally answered: “Daddy!”

Taking over the interview of his son, Simon then asked Eric: “Okay, who is the most handsome?”

The youngster enthusiastically replied: “Me!”


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