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Simon Cowell Defends Olly Murs After His Results Mistake

Simon Cowell has leapt to the defence of his choice of host, insisting that Olly has his “100% support”.

It comes after Olly mistakenly announced a contestant had got the boot from the show, when the judges’ four votes had actually taken the competition to deadlock.

Simon has now spoken out telling the Daily Mirror "There were a lot of people screaming in his ears, they were trying to get him to clarify something,” the X Factor boss tells 3am.

“Anyone in that situation is going to screw up. I think the way he handled it was great, it’s part of his charm.

“I think every week he’s getting better and better. People have got to get used to it but he’s got a massive future ahead of him, 100% he’s still got my support.”

Simon went on to say the team were behind Olly “We laughed about all that afterwards. We could record this show and not do it live, the fact that certain things go wrong is what I think makes the show interesting.”


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