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Simon Cowell Defends Nick Grimshaw After X Factor Backlash With Fans Wanting Louis Walsh Back.

Nick Grimshaw is having a rough ride on X Factor this year. The viewing figures are down and he appears to be taking the brunt, while social media is calling for the return of Louis Walsh.

Simon Cowell has admitted he had to console Nick Grimshaw after a backlash from some X Factor viewers.

Simon said: “I don’t think it is that fair no. He really has tried his best. He hasn’t got an ego but what none of us anticipated - and I said this to Nick - is how much people like Louis. So whoever took his seat was going to get a bit of stick."

“I think there was a moment where he got a little bit down, and we had a conversation. “He wasn’t angry it just made him more determined to do his job. I said to him, his job is to mentor a category now and he just had to focus on that and be yourself.

“I think Nick is going to be better than you think on the live shows, that is my gut feeling.”

Talking to the Daily Mirror while filming his Judges house, Simon said he is trying to bring Louis Walsh back to the show for some live episodes because fans miss him.Louis would be alongside other “iconic music stars” who would each appear as a judge for one week.

Simon also admitted he and Louis were guilty of “cruising” through the last series and insisted he was back on top of his game this year.

Speaking about the possibility of Louis returning, Simon said: “I spoke to Louis last night and I said ‘I don’t know what has happened but you are suddenly the most popular person in this country’. And he said ‘ I know’. I can’t explain it, I think people obviously miss him.

“Look, for Louis sake it has been good for him not being on the show and seeing how much people like him.

“I think it also woke him up a bit. He was the first to say, and me as well, I don’t think we were totally on top of our game last year and cruised along a bit.

“We are not getting rid of anyone that is for sure. There is talk about possibilities of guest judges so that is where Louis could fit in. There is also something else which we haven’t announced yet which will make the logic of having a fifth judge.

I really can’t tell you at this point, but it will all make sense. We can make a slightly bigger desk.”

The X Factor Six Chair Challenge continues this Sunday at 7pm


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