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Simon Cowell continues to enjoy his holiday having a whole lot of fun with Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell continues to enjoy his holiday in Barbados. No sign of Eric until later in the day, but Simon looked like he was having a lot of fun with Lauren on a boat and Jet-ski.

Looking fit and tanned Simon took to the waves off the shore in Barbados.

Then it was Eric's turn

Anyone else wishing they ware on a beach in Barbados at the moment instead of lockdown?

Simon revealed how he is keeping in shape and helping his back recover from his accident in August

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Renia Singer

a year ago

Wishing you and your family happy New Year!


a year ago

Merry Xmas happy new year

Author Sylvia Somerville

a year ago

Fantastic! My heart feels happy seeing Simon enjoying life with Eric. Absolutely wonderful. Yes Simon is looking fit and healthy and is getting life back to normal of a steady pace. Someone commented there was no sign of Eric but he is on the boat seating across from Simon. Look closely and you will see him laying there with his hoodie over his head and sitting there as well. Looking wonderful my special friend. Enjoy the sun, the sea and life. Hugs

Kristy rose

a year ago

Looking good simon!! Sure do miss you,hope you are back to work soon


a year ago

Great pics. Glad to see Simon looking so well.