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Simon Cowell undertakes a punishing exercise regime to recover from his broken back

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Simon Cowell is now in recovery from his broken back

Simon Cowell has been walking 10,000 steps a day which equates to around 5 miles, plus non weight bearing pool work in a punishing fitness regime to help his recovery from a broken back. This heavy routine has helped him recover from his broken back after a cycle accident in August.

Simon's close friend Sinitta told The Sun “He’s come back from a really scary position and is feeling blessed because the outcome could have been so different.

“Simon has worked hard at his recovery and told me he’s walking 10,000 steps a day that’s around five miles – way more than he was before the accident.

“He’s got one of those watches that measures every step.

“He’s still having a lot of physiotherapy, seeing great doctors and doing non weight bearing pool work especially for spinal injuries,

“Simon has really looked after himself. Lauren and his team have taken great care of him and he’s being sensible.”

Sinitta is due to fly out to Barbados this weekend to join Simon and friends.

Simon certainly appears to be on the road to recovery as he takes his son Eric on Jet-ski outings while on holiday.


Take a look at the first photos of Simon Cowell on holiday in Barbados with his family


Simon is expected back in the UK in January to start filming auditions for Britain's Got Talent


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