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Simon Cowell and the BGT judges chat about the new series - Video

Britain's Got Talent returns to our screens with ridiculous acts, death-defying stunts and emotional stories, but what was it that brought David Walliams to tears? The judges were excited to have Ant back on the show after his hiatus, reuniting the dynamic duo of Ant & Dec, and Simon says it's like he's never left.

Simon also addresses the care of Susan Boyle. Simon said he admitted he was worried that the media attention was "too much" for her.

"The lead up to the week of the final we sat down with her and her friends," media mogul Simon said on Lorraine today. "We said, 'Look, if it's too stressful, because it's all over the media...'

"She said it was fine, she's going to do it. And I'm thinking, 'Fine, she's going to win.' And I'll never forget it [when they said] 'The winner is Diversity'.

"I was on that stage under 20 seconds saying into her, 'We've got an album deal. Literally from that moment."

Simon said that from that moment on it was up to her when she wanted to make an album and insisted that she was "part of the family" now."

Britain's Got Talent returns on Saturday at 7.15pm


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