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Simon Cowell continues his Barbados holiday with Lauren and Eric

Simon Cowell takes to the beach for a trip on a jet-ski with Eric, while Lauren enjoys a glass of wine on a yacht.

Simon stopped on route to say hello to the Barbados monkey. With the floods over here in the UK we could do with a bit of that sunshine!

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2 years ago

❤️ U 😘

Wonderful pictures ,beautiful family

2 years ago

Eva McComb

2 years ago

Have a wonderful time with you family.

Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

It makes my heart warm to see Simon Cowell enjoying a holiday and having fun. We all need our share of laughter and happiness to balance our lives. Amazing photos. Thank you Just Simon Cowell for bringing the photos and news to us. You are appreciated. Hugs. Merry Christmas and enjoy a wonderful 2020!

Jane Annette Judd

2 years ago

LOVELY PHOTOS and all looks and sounds GREAT.


2 years ago

Wonderful family... Simon you must be very happy now... God Bless you and your family always....💝💝


2 years ago

Lovely photos. You look like you having a good time. & you are looking fit. Great. Thanks for sharing your lovely family pictures.