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Simon Cowell Backs Mel B "She's An Incredible Person"

Simon Cowell with Mel B

Simon Cowell has spoken out about the way Mel B is handling her not so amicable divorce.

Simon worked with Mel during the AGT auditions last month while she was obviously going through a tough time with her private life as well as losing her father.

Simon told The Sun newspaper:: “She’s an incredible person. 'I respect the way she’s dealt with everything'.

“If you think about what Mel’s done since leaving the Spice Girls and what she’s gone through, how hard she works and how I saw her try to handle this situation, it was astonishing.“Yes, she’s under pressure but I think she’s in a good place.”

"She’s had the whole thing she’s had to deal with, the other side of her personal life. It really made me think about her as a person"

Mel filed for divorce from her husband Stephen Belafonte, alleging he was physically abusive during their 10-year marriage..

During the 2014 X Factor final Mel missed the first night due to being in hospital. The second night she made an appearance with obvious bruises to her face.


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