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Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson To Launch A New Girl Band

Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson

Exciting news coming from Simon Cowell this week. Louis Tomlinson has set up his own record label under Sony with the help of Simon Cowell and has already found a new girl band.

Simon said: “He has just signed a deal with us as an imprint of a record label. He has a new artist who is going to be released this year I hope who are incredible

“Louis is an exec, he is everything. He is rehearsing this band, he might do the music, I wouldn’t rule anything out.

“He was great on AGT everyone loved him. He has got fantastic instincts.

"He told me about this idea a year or 18 months ago. He has formed the band with one of the girls that work in Syco.

Talking to Mark Jefferies from the Mirror: “We heard the band last night, we are going to see them in rehearsals next week. They are unbelievably good. I think he has got a real knack for this.”

Simon Cowell and Syco excel with girlbands as Little Mix and Fifth Harmony prove. With multi award albums and hugely successful tours, this new band should hopefully follow in their footsteps.


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