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Simon Cowell and Lauren attend the And Juliet musical in London

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman attended the star-studded And Juliet musical press night at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London on Wednesday evening.

It was a star studded even with Nicole Scherzinger, Liam Payne and Jessy J among the guests.

Looks like they had a good time

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Theresa Koznar

2 years ago

he looks so happy context handsome man🌹

Kanita Devahastin

2 years ago

Sorry I am confused, is Lauren the same person of Cheryl?
She does not look the same face as I saw her on previous shows at all!!!

Susie Witford

2 years ago

Simon and Lauren are looking great.

Sue Chambers

2 years ago

Simon and Lauren look so happy.

Janet Gromer

2 years ago

Simon looked better with a little bit more weight on him he looked happier and more like Simon to me !!!!!! I liked the old Simon better he looked more fuller & happier man 👨


2 years ago

Gorgeous as ever


2 years ago

Wow! You both look amazing! Hope you had a fab night! You are very lucky to have date nights! My sister too does this with her husband! I think in order to keep a relationship strong you need to otherwise the relationship will break down! Sending much love to both Bx

Susan Vickers

2 years ago

How stunning does Lauren look tonight and Simon as always looking very dapper! And it's so nice to spend precious time together they are cherished moments of a loving couple 🌹 And it looks like they both had a wonderful evening! Simon and Lauren look so good together! 🌹 Thank you Just Simon Cowell for keeping us all updated with pics, and updates Love you guys xx

Tessie Rodriguez Lim

2 years ago

You are the “AMERICAN IDOL” that “AMERICA GOT”💙
Best Judge ever💙💙💙

Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

Wonderful photos and they appear to have enjoyed the show. Thank you Just Simon Cowell for keeping us updated and sharing these amazing photos. You are appreciated. Hugs