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Simon Cowell and Eric launch a search for a co-writer for their 'Wishfits' book series

Earlier in the year Simon and Eric teamed up with publishing giant Hachette to launch their unique partnership with the publication of three picture-led children’s books, beginning in spring 2021.

Wishfits is a children’s book series aimed at children aged 3-5 and based in a fun, magical, positive and inclusive world filled with hybrid animals like Snogs, Shigers, Frogephants, and Chimpan-poos forming unlikely friendships and finding strengths in their differences. 


Now, Simon and Eric are working with Tongal to find a co-writer for the first book in the series. Aspiring children’s book authors of all ages are encouraged to compete for a chance to win. The writers will go through rounds, resulting in the top five pitching their story ideas and talents to Simon.

They are looking for “storytellers, dreamers, and wordsmiths, from any land, of any age, with any skill” to join the competition.


This project continues to build momentum and now we are searching for talented, undiscovered storytellers on Tongal, and inviting anyone, anywhere, and of any age to audition to be the co-writer of Wishfits with Simon and Eric!


In Simon’s trademark talent show-style, the project will unfold over several phases leading up to 5 storytellers pitching their story ideas and writing talent to Simon, and one winner collaborating to bring this world to life. 

Simon Cowell said, “I have absolutely loved working on Wishfits with Eric. I’ve always believed there is so much undiscovered talent all over the world and in that spirit we are going to give someone the opportunity to work with us on the Wishfits books. My favourite children’s books are full of imagination, creativity, positive messaging and most of all, are fun! I’m really looking forward to this.”

Fancy yourself as a co-writer or storyteller?

If you love to write, or rhyme, or tell a tale, come in have fun and play where friends and unlikely friendships prevail, where every animal’s strengths and beauty is in their difference, imagination has no boundaries, positivity is everywhere, and there is no ‘normal’.  We’re looking for storytellers, dreamers, and wordsmiths, from any land, of any age, with any skill, to submit for a chance to co-write the first book in the new WISHFITS children’s book series with Simon & Eric Cowell.

Deadline closes 23rd November 2020.


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