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Robbie Williams calls on David Walliams to guest at his X Factor Judges' House

Robbie Williams and David Walliams at X Factor Judges' House
Robbie Williams and David Walliams at X Factor Judges' House

We didn't see this coming!

Robbie Williams has Britain's Got Talent judge David Walliams helping him choose his final groups to take through to the live X Factor shows.

In an unusual move Robbie filmed this segment at his own house in Los Angeles. Usually the judges rent a house for filming.

David had a few things to say about helping Robbie and not Simon:

How have you found your X Factor experience?

You know what, the thing about this show is I’m actually a fan of it. I’ve always loved watching The X Factor, I’ve never missed a series. I’ve actually always wanted to do Judges Houses. I like that I’ve now done it with Rob because I want him to win, I don’t want Simon to win!

What’s it like being on one of Simon’s shows but not having to deal with him?!

Well, I’ve known Rob for a long time, so it felt natural that we would do this together. It felt easy, we’re not at each other’s throats. I’m not a musician, I’m a fan of music but when people start talking about vocal ranges I don’t really have a clue. I mean, I can hear when things aren’t great, but I don’t know the technicalities of it. But I think that’s ok because I just respond to a feeling, whether I thought people were good or not. The audience know as well, you just know when you’re being entertained or not.

What do you think of this stage of the competition?

This is quite tricky because people have fought their way to be here. Then there’s still a chance of rejection, so it’s quite tough. They’ve just been through Six Chair Challenge and some of them have been through a real rollercoaster because Rob put so many bands together. That’s a lot of people who are suddenly working together when they’ve never met. The dynamics of that are hard, especially when you’re trying to be creative. But I think Rob has made some good decisions and created some good bands.

What do you make of Robbie as a judge?

He’s great because he’s very empathetic and he’s really been there. He’s also had his ups and downs as a person and as a performer in terms of his popularity. Look back at pictures of him at Glastonbury having left Take That and then you see him as the supreme popstar he is, it’s an incredible journey he’s been on. Joining Take That at 15, that’s insane. So when he speaks, he speaks from experience on all fronts. I think the contestants trust him because they know he’s been there and done it all. I think he’s had two very different experiences, he’s been in a band where to some extent you’re told how it’s going to be, to then become a solo artist and be able to express himself whatever way he wants, it’s interesting, not many people have had both those experiences.

The X Factor Judges Houses airs 7th October on ITV


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