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Our Review of The Thrills and Spills on Britain's Got Talent Week Six

It's week six of BGT and by now most of you will already have your favourites. With just one audition show left, time is running out for the talented people of Britain to show us what they can do.

First up, it's a young, 12 piece dance troupe, Groove Thing. It was fun, happy and expertly choreographed. A fantastic start to the show. 4 yeses.

Young singer, Gracie Wickens-Sweet gave it absolutely everything and although there were the understandable nerves she was still good enough to progress to the next phase. 4 yeses. Playing the piano blindfolded, yes blindfolded, was Leo Bailey-Yang. Now this is talent. I can just about master chopsticks with my eyes open! Well done Leo. 4 yeses.

The Sakyi Five, Reece, Aaron, Carl, Eden and Emmanuel, got off to a bad start and they were asked to do another song, after the first one just didn't work. I totally agreed with Simon, there is huge potential with this group but tonight, they didn't blow me away. 4 yeses. Simon said “I thought the vocals were going to be better if I'm being honest with you. I think you need an awful lot more rehearsal”

What we need is a man in high heels, singing and dancing. So who's up next? Well it's Luca Calo, who is singing and dancing in high heels. Eh?. The singing was awful but the dancing was amazing. The dancing saved him and Luca got through. Less of the voice next time mate!

Singing a Michael Buble song, Daniel Chettoe transformed from a shy young lad into a confident booming vocalist. 4 yeses.

Tap dancers, The Cocooners, Michelle, Heather, Lynne and Maxine danced their way into the next round with 4 yeses. That reminds me, I used to be a tap dancer but I kept falling in the sink. (sorry everyone)

Bonetics aka Junior, blew us all away with his contortion dance routine. It was one of those things that you didn't want to watch but you couldn't take your eyes of it. His skills put my double jointed thumb to shame. 4 yeses.

Calm down ladies, here come The Kingdom Tenors. The 12 piece group had the girls in the audience screaming as soon as they walked onto the stage. The harmonies and arrangement was breathtaking. Quite simply one of the best set of vocals ever. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. They sailed into the next round.

Hartlepool comedy impressionist Danny Posthill was instantly likeable. His take on many of the big names was brilliant. They were absolutely bang on and I knew who they all were straight away. I hope this opens loads of doors for you. Well done. 4 yeses. Simon said “I think you got a great reaction because the act was great, you're funny. You're good. I like you”.

With confidence a major issue for some of the acts, Emma Jones was obviously struggling to contain her nerves. Come on Emma, I'm rooting for you. Once she started singing, her operatic tone gave me goosebumps. No need to be nervous anymore Emma, you are bloomin awesome. I love her and so do the judges. 10/10 and 4 yeses. Simon said "I really like you. Actually, I'm going to change that, I love you"

The only judge not to have pressed their golden buzzer is David. Oh deary me. Hoping to get it were Stuart and Gareth Jones, Arman Sormehi and Russella. All missed out.

Up last tonight was piano teacher Lorraine Bowen and her faithful keyboard...on an ironing board. I'm not making this up. She gave us her rendition of her self penned 'The Crumble Song'.

Simon, Alesha and Amanda all buzzed, leaving just David. Now, David, please think about this, whatever you do, don't press that...too late. I can't believe it. David pressed his golden buzzer and Lorraine is straight in to the live shows. Oh deary me.

Right, I'm off to dance in high heels...see you next week.

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Our thanks to Dean Maynard for writing our review for us @Team_Midas


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