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Britain's Got Talent is back this weekend with a new judge

Britain's Got Talent returns with a double bill this weekend and a brand new judge. Bruno Tonioli joins Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon. Bruno replaces David Walliams who stepped down last year. It sounds like Bruno is causing chaos already on the judging panel.

Bruno has judging experience having previously appeared on Strictly between 2004 and 2019. Simon Cowell said about the new judge ''When you’re doing Strictly, all you’ve got is a bat or something, right? That’s boring.

'This is a punctuation mark, which is the red buzzer. He was like a kid having these things to press while he was judging. I think he found that having those, the whole process was easier.'

Apparently no one told Bruno he was only to press the Golden Buzzer after the act was finished. Bruno explained 'Alesha gave me a brief, but then I forgot everything she told me! I think that was obvious when I pressed my golden buzzer at the wrong time on the first day!

'They were like, "Here are the rules, you press it then, not then", but that went out the window, I honestly got caught up in the moment, forgot everything I'd been told and just reacted instinctively.'

Simon revealed the audience had more of say this year with the Golden Buzzer.

There were more Golden Buzzers this year. We have eight. I don't want to give too much away but there was one Golden Buzzer moment. I think in all the years, I've done this show because, you know, it wasn't really supposed to happen because we run out [of buzzers]."

"It was kind of chaotic at this moment because the audience really dictated it, they did not let this go [for this act]. They're not going to leave. So we kind of said you know what, why don't we just give the audience a Golden Buzzer."

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Britain's Got Talent returns on Saturday, April 15 at 8pm, and on Sunday April 16 at 7:45pm on ITV


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