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X Factor Review - Week 6: Girl Power Ruled...

On last night’s show, there were more yeses, than in a yes factory. Does this mean the talent is probably the best we have ever had on The X Factor? With still two audition shows remaining, I honestly think 2015 will be the hardest year to call, in the show's history. Unless there will be a lot of booting in Boot Camp!

First up was Havva Rebke and this was an unbelievable start to the show. She was very likeable and boy can she sing. Just please don't faint Havva. On a serious note, well done. 5 yeses. Simon said it was a "great audition"

Naomi, Renetta, Tonia, Amy and Ebony, aka PYT, looked fantastic and sounded awesome. Like I said at the start of this review, the talent this year is crazy. 5 yeses.

Calypso (not calippo) Larrazet, wow, wow, wow holy moly. I can't wait to see her again. She has a recording vocal. Someone sign her.

North Easterner Katie Coleman blew the roof off the arena with, (another) brilliant audition in the girls category. I really don't envy whoever gets them. You have a very tough decision ahead. Proud that someone of this high calibre is from my region. 10/10 Katie. Good Luck. Simon said “It was incredibly honest, very raw and I understood what you were singing about. That’s the sign of a great artist.”

Yoga teacher Mary O'Sullivan took on a big song (Ava Maria) and lost. Oh and for the record, you don't have a good voice. Next.

Looking absolutely terrified, Neneth Lyons walked on to the stage. Her voice is very theatrical and she is good enough for the West End. If I was from one of the big stage production companies, I would sign her up.

Doing it for the ladies and making Rita slightly overheat, were Brodie Kelly, Ben Clark, group Sunday Club, who auditioned on, well a Sunday, and Joe Waller. They were all of a very high standard and all sailed through to bootcamp.

Closing tonight's show was 18 years old Kiera Weathers. She looked like a pop star without even opening her mouth. When she sings it just gets better and better.

This girl is a class act. A real class act and thankfully, she is a Team Midas act. Emotional and likeable. Kiera is one to watch and a serious contender. Simon said “Kiera, just so you’ve got a bit of choice, I would also like to mentor you. What I love about you is that you have got taste. How you present yourself, your song choices, everything about you I absolutely love”

Right, I'm off to put the roof back on the arena...see you next week.

Thanks to Dean for our review. Twitter @Team_Midas


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