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X Factor Review - Show 4. Some Wacky Moments On Last Night's X Factor And Then Came Anton...

The search for the next singing sensation is hotting up and, so is my keyboard with all this fast typing…… Cue titles.

So who will be off-key and who will smash it......It's time to face the music

The very likeable Jasmin Leigh Harris got the show off to a great start. I love the tone in her voice. She did an amazing job of 'Clown' and blew the judges and me away. 5 yeses. Well done Jasmin.

With a superhero name, Max Stone well and truly introduced himself to the X Factor 2015. It was brief, but it was enough to show us the undoubted potential he has. 5 Yeses.

Ebru walked on the stage and had the look and the voice. Again, we didn't see much of her, but it ended with a standing ovation. 5 yeses.

Looking amazing, Sharon Rose was again, (sadly) a short audition. I really like her, I think she is one to watch and I can't wait to hear more from her. 5 yeses.

Hairdresser Joselito Peralta was hoping to be a cut above the rest, but for me, this was not a highlight of the show. Oh judges, come on, what are you doing putting him through, this was awful. Simon and I both said, a big fat NO.

Housewife Shaz Paz was another act who gave it her all. Her all just wasn't enough. Erwin followed and even with dance moves from Cheryl's choreographer, it ended with the same outcome. 5 no's.

We need a hero Che Chesterman, come on please help us. Bam, bam, bam, Che you just smashed it out of the ball park. You have soul my friend and you have a new fan, Dean Midas Maynard. Amazing stuff. 10/10 and 5 yeses. Simon said "Wow Che, I mean, look, you are one of those rare little finds which we are lucky enough to get this year on the X Factor. I think your voice is beautiful, stunning.”

Karen Mav and Laura Johnson followed and they both blew the roof off. The competition is hotting up. Let's hope we see more of these two at bootcamp.

Reading lad Jordan Luke Gage closed part three and his voice was fantastic, it seemed so natural and effortless. I could sit and listen to him all day.

Teacher Tonatha Raihan had the look and the moves and breezed to bootcamp.

Can farmer, yes, I said farmer, Hannah Marie get a pat on the back from the judges? Can she, wow, she absolutely blew us away. This is how you nail an audition. From start to finish it was step above, a lot of the competition. 5 very easy yeses. Simon said: "I mean, bloody hell! Where did that come from? Hannah, I am slightly speechless. I wasn't expecting that. You have an incredible voice"

Closing the show was Anton Stephans and you know what, I genuinely love him. He pulled out to the watching audience and pulled us in. His vocal was brilliant and his whole aura was warm and positive. A fantastic end to the show. Simon said "Anton, the reason why we never put an age limit on this show was so we could find people like you."

Our Review kindly written by Dean Maynard - Twitter @Team_Midas


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