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X Factor Live Show Shake-Up Confirmed & Guest Performers For This Weekend

The live X Factor shows start this weekend and we are in for a shake-up with brutal eliminations. Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh will showcase their categories over two days.

Each judge will be taking four acts into the live shows, meaning we'll have 16 acts in total, and each of the judges' final acts will be chosen by the viewers as part of the Wildcard vote. The X Factor will be revealing the details of who won the Wildcard vote on the first live show this weekend. But the acts shouldn't get too settled, as the eliminations will be starting pretty much straight away.

According to X Factor, one or more acts' will be eliminated from The X Factor on each night of the elimination weekend, meaning we'll be saying goodbye to at least one solo artist or group on Saturday and Sunday every week.

Each night of the weekend will see all the acts from two of the judges' categories perform.

As always, the act or acts with the lowest numbers of votes will be eliminated from the competition, but the show will decide each night whether the votes will count towards eliminating the act with the lowest numbers of votes from each category, or the lowest number of votes from across both categories.

In the event of a tie the decision will defer to the judges, but only the judges who are not acting as mentors to the category the act comes from will be able to vote. So if the decision comes down to two groups, Simon Cowell won't get a say, but all the other judges will.

Be sure to listen to Dermot's announcements at the beginning of each show for the elimination process for that night.

Confused? - we had to read it again!



The first weekend live guest performers are confirmed as Liam Payne and Stormzy.

Saturday night kicks off at 8.20pm. Sunday 7pm.


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