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X Factor Chaos At Simon Cowell's Judges House

Simon Cowell's Judges' Houses was thrown into chaos by an extreme heatwave, helicopters and CROWS.

Simon filmed auditions at his own Los Angeles homes.

Mark Jefferies for The Mirror reports local weather TV channels advised people to stay inside as temperatures hit up to 108 degrees, and the local authorities put out a weather warning and advised locals to “avoid outdoor activities”.

Los Angeles County Fire Captain Brian Jordan urged people to drink lots of water to avoid illness adding: “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.”

Fearing for the contestants’ safety, Simon was forced to delay filming until late afternoon for singing sessions.

Then to make matters worse, several of the auditions were plagued by sound problems caused by a neighbour's dog, police helicopters flying overhead and even a flock of crows

A show source said: "Simon and the production team take safety seriously so they had to delay things and then had more disruptions.

"Filming went on late into the night which wasn't ideal but it was the only way to get things done.

"Viewers will see on screen Simon and Sinitta discussing the singers in darkness, they needed huge lights beamed on them to continue filming outside."

The scenes will be seen in two weeks on ITV at the judges' houses stage.

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SOURCE: The Mirror


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