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What Went Down On Sunday Night? Read Our X Factor Review For Show 2

Review by Dean Maynard

Saturday we saw our judges smashing guitars, enjoying chinese buffets and of course passing their expert judgement on some great singers. Ready for more…well here we go. The return of Simon and Cheryl, alongside new arrival Mel B and regular Louis, saw a first show audience of around 10 million. Not bad at all.

GCB kicked us off and it wasn’t good. In fact the storms clouds gathered and the heavens opened. Next.

After a few more ‘boring’ auditions, we met likeable Essex call centre worker Stevi “kind eyes” Richie. To be frank, it was fun and entertaining, but vocally, it wasn’t good. Saying that, our judges liked it and I’m glad he got through. Good things happen to nice people

The groups got their chance to shine and first up was a four piece mixed band (two boys, two girls) called Only The Young. Now, In the words of Cheryl “That’s how you do an audition” They are absolutely amazing. The last time I got a buzz like this from a band was a certain One Direction and we know what happened there. Only The Young. I have a very good feeling about you.

More groups followed….Five piece boy band Concept followed and they were also very good. Great vocals and it was effortless. Three piece girl bandArize were vocally fantastic and smashed their audition out of the ball park. Boy band Overload have great potential and I can’t wait to see them at their arena audition.

Kitten And The Hip, aka husband and wife Ashley and Scarlett proved sometimes one voice is better than two but Louis Walsh’s opening comment shocked us “I thought you were father and daughter” A bit awkward but Scarlett made the right choice to go it alone. She could be one to watch.

Oceane Guyot, Jimmy Cheung and Jan Chichorz all had their chance to shine but they were so bad both of my cats left the room in disgust. Please make it stoooppppp.

Pug loving Italian Andrea Faustini brought back some normality with what can only be described as one of the best vocals I have ever heard. Wow. What a voice. He has to make it to live shows. Blooming awesome. Mel B was in agreement “You took it to church and back brother. My favourite of the auditions so far.”

We finished tonight’s with the overs fighting for their lives and potentially their last chances. Of Michelle Lawson, Chloe Thwala, Helen Fulthorpe, the one that stood out was Helen. I think she could do very well.

Ex girl band member Linzi Martin was very nervous and it showed, not being harsh, I did totally agree with Simon when he said “I’m gonna be honest with you Linzi. This is not gonna work out for you. Your voice just isn’t good enough sweetheart,”. For the record, I was totally with Simon.

Right, I’m off to ring Stevi’s call centre…see you next week


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