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VIDEO: Simon Cowell chats about how therapy changed his life

Simon Cowell chats with Terri Seymour at his Malibu home on how therapy changed his life.

Simon explained what triggered him to seek help. “This all came about, I think, off the back of COVID… because I was so scared about COVID. We all sat in this house, me, Lauren [Silverman] and Eric alone for about a year, terrified about this thing, you know, which no one knew about.”

He continued, “Everyone was really, really scared. I was. And actually, once I got it, it was like nothing. It was like catching a cold, so the idea is that we’re all just going to happily go back to our normal lives after that… it doesn’t work that way.”.

Simon said, “I really did stop reading newspapers, I stopped watching the news. I just, I found everything too overwhelming, if I'm being honest with you.”

Terri asked: “Now you’ve discovered this and it made you feel so much better in yourself, work, and has it made your relationship with Lauren even better?”

“It has been good for both of us,” he said, adding, “In fact, we did do this thing where both of us go in… There was one point when we were together and I looked at the two therapists and their faces were like… and when we got out, we both cracked up and said, ‘God, what must they be thinking?’”

Simon continued, “Then I spoke to my therapist afterward and he said, ‘Honestly, Simon, that was nothing,’ but it is healthy to go somewhere and let it all out.”

Watch the interview:


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