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Take A Look At What Is in Store On Britain's Got Talent This Weekend

The incredible Kingdom Tenors.

You wait all season for a tenor, then 12 come along at once! Ranging in age from 21 to 31, The Kingdom Tenors have, erm, something for everyone.

Bonetics gets himself into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes

Rubber-band boy Junior twists and contorts his body into all sorts of eye-watering positions on this Saturday's show.

Danny Posthill really wants to make a good impression

Danny Posthill is desperate to make a good impression during his audition, but what will Gary Barlow, David Beckham and Michael McIntrye have to say?

Stephen asks the Judges to eat their own heads!

It's the last day of the audition tour and Stephen surprises the awesome foursome with a fabulous cake


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